Chapter 2 - Every Spoil Is A Style

Don't Get Weary.mp3

Black Heart.mp3

Satan Side (Aka Peter & Judas).mp3

Don't Get Crazy.mp3

Shackles & Chains.mp3

Don't Get Weary Joe Frazier.mp3

Who No Waan Come (12_ Mix).mp3

Baby I Love You So.mp3

Sister Maggie Breast.mp3

King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown.mp3

King Tubby's Key.mp3

Say So.mp3

Say So Dub.mp3

Ethiopian Version.mp3

Fittest Dub.mp3

Heavy Duty Dub.mp3

King David, Salomon, Moses (aka Ethiopian Kings) (discomix).mp3

Miss Wire Waist.mp3

Mr. Bassie.mp3

Rocking Blues.mp3

Wire Dub.mp3


Mr. Bassie Discomix.mp3

Big Youth.mp3

Talkin' Blues.mp3

Three Blind Mice_Three Times Three.mp3

Jah Love system excerpt 1.mp3







Chapter 3 - The "Backbone" of Studio One

Hello Carol.mp3

Natural Way.mp3

Love Me Forever.mp3

Armageddon Dub.mp3

Nature Dub.mp3

Love And Meditation.mp3

Things a Come Up to Bump.mp3

Musical Science.mp3

Amagideon (Armagedon).mp3

Crazy Baldhead.mp3

Crazy Baldhead.mp3

Throw Me Corn.mp3






Chapter 4 - Jus' Like A Volcano In Yuh Head!

Sun Is Shining.mp3

Tapper Zukie In Dub 1.mp3

Fire Fire Dub.mp3

Government Land.mp3

Jammys A Shine 1.mp3

Enter Into His Gates With Praise.mp3

The Sniper.mp3

The Corpse Rises 1.mp3

This A The Hardest Version.mp3

De Materialize.mp3

Bandits Taking Over.mp3

Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker.mp3

Fire Fire.mp3

See A Dub Face.mp3

Bosrah Extended.mp3

Dubbing With The Observer.mp3

Baby I Love You So.mp3

Follow Fashion.mp3

Silver Words (Version Two).mp3

King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown.mp3

See A Man Face.mp3

Government Dub.mp3

Living Style (CD Bonus Track).mp3

Dub Fi Gwan.mp3

Live After You.mp3

Ja Ja In De Dub.mp3

Death Trap.mp3





Chapter 5 - Tracking the Living African Heartbeat

Black Panta.mp3


Midnight Hour _ Ya Ya.mp3

Croaking Lizard.mp3

Open Up The Gate.mp3

No Sympathy.mp3

Curly Dub.mp3

Black Candle.mp3

Bad Lamp.mp3

The Wrong Thing.mp3

Turn Back The Hands Of Time.mp3

Doctor Demand.mp3

Black Bat.mp3

Big Tongue Buster.mp3


It's Alright.mp3

Bucky Skank.mp3






Chapter 6 - "Java" to "Africa"

Chapter Three.mp3

Fight I Down.mp3

Ordinary Version Chapter 3.mp3

Extraordinary Version.mp3

Assignment No. 1.mp3

Dub Three.mp3

Ordinary Man.mp3